Acne Treatment In Berkshire

If you are a sufferer of spots on a regular basis, our acne treatment in Berkshire can be a perfect solution.

Acne is a condition that some people can’t escape without the correct care. This can be in the form of medical creams, moisturising solution or similar. However, many sufferers find this does not work and continue to put up with the condition through their adult lives. That is where we come in.

We offer non-surgical procedures to a range of patients looking to improve the condition of our skin. This includes the 3D Skintech which is one of the latest in non-invasive cosmetic surgery.

The 3D Skintech is perfect for brightening up the appearance of skin. Not only can it prevent acneic conditions, but also tighten the skin on your face and reduce pigmentation. It also requires no anaesthetic, meaning you can experience results without the lengthy recovery time and get back to important events as soon as possible.

By choosing our professional staff at Reading Cosmetic Clinic, you can rest assured we can provide you with a first-class service. Simply let us know your requirements during your free consultation and we’ll do all we can to make sure you are comfortable during your visit and happy with the results.

Don’t wait to find out more today by taking a look through our website or by giving us a call on 0118 958 5899.

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