Laser Hair Removal Near Me

Isn’t it about time to revitalise your body, giving yourself your youth back and getting the spring back in your step? At Reading Cosmetic Clinic, we do just that. Our team at reading cosmetic are a group of professionals who excel in their field, going above and beyond to give you the look you deserve.


One of the treatments we offer is Laser Hair Removal, allowing a permanent solution to pesky hairs growing all the time in an unattractive manner. Our laser hair removal procedure involves lasers on a precise wavelength working up to 4 mm beneath your skin, breaking down the hair follicle while leaving surrounding skin untouched. This’ll allow you to permanently reduce or remove hair in any particular place you choose, your legs, underarms, face and more…


Using a handpiece our trained professional will go through the area to be treatmented, using heat waves to burn away the hair follicles in a safe and precise manner, this heat disables those hair follicles from any future growth.


So if you do want to get that youthful look in a more permanent way, without having to smother yourself in product before any big events, simply come on down and start consulting with us at Reading Cosmetic Clinic. Contact us by filling out the form on our webpage, or give us a ring to get in touch as soon as possible at: 0118 958 5899.


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