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What is LHT

It is important to note that the LHT technique does not produce immediate results. Rather, it allows for the preview of these results, as well as providing additional benefits:

Combined with the traditional FUT hair transplantation procedure’s benefits, LHT can be the right choice for you! The final results of this treatment are usually visible within 9-10 months post-operation.

Advantages of LHT hair transplant

High number of grafts in a single session

Easier harvesting and no shaving required

High graft survival rate

Low transection rate

Preview the results immediately after procedure

When is LHT appropriate?

LHT is an extension of the FUT procedure, which means that if the FUT procedure is right for you, the LHT procedure might be as well. Still, every individual case and patient is unique in their needs, which is why it is not easy to determine who might need the procedure before a consultation. If you would like to find out whether the LHT procedure is appropriate for you, get in touch with us for a free online consultation. Send pictures and the doctor will provide personalized feedback, tailored for your particular case!

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