Liposuction Without Surgery in Reading

Reading Cosmetic Clinic helps numerous clients throughout Berkshire remove those stubborn pockets of fat with the latest non-surgical methods. If you have been searching for liposuction without surgery in Reading, you’ve come to the right team.


When you first think of liposuction, traditionally you’re probably thinking of going under the knife or a suction tube vacuuming fat from specific areas of our body. However, with new modern technologies, this is not the case.


Here at our clinic we offer a range of innovative non-surgeries that can be completed in as little time as possible and with minimal risks. Moreover, with no need for the use of anaesthetic, you can get back to work and important commitments as soon as possible.




Also known as a 3D-cryofreeze procedure, this particular non-surgery could most likely be the most similar to traditional liposuction.


How it works is, while tackling specific areas of your body with our special equipment, the temperature will be lowered to -6 degrees. This is when the fat cells start to crystallise and any remaining content of the fat cells is naturally disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system.  


To give you peace of mind, we have dedicated, qualified and well-trained staff on hand to perform whichever treatment you require. Our team love seeing the joy that comes from the results of our work for clients and are confident we can help you feel confident in your new frame.


You can find out more about this and other non-surgical procedures by taking a look through our website or sending us your enquires via our simple contact form.

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