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Get Fat Reduction Help In Berkshire

Talk to us about our fat reduction treatments in Berkshire

You may sweat it out in the gym and eat all the right foods, but are you struggling to get rid of a pocket of fat from your stomach or thigh? Maybe you’ve lost a good amount of weight but are left with untoned skin? Or perhaps you want to target your muffin top?

If so, the answer could lie in our non-invasive fat reduction treatment in Berkshire.

At Reading Cosmetic Clinic we want to introduce you to 3D-Cavitation. By using low frequency ultrasound, this treatment targets fat cells that aren’t able to withstand the pressure and disintegrate it into a liquid state. Afterwards, the liquid is then transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the liver.

Perfectly suited for larger areas of fat, you can see some fantastic before and after pictures on our website.

We appreciate that people may not want to commit to surgery, and with our treatments, you can get fantastic results without having to go under the knife.

To book a free consultation with Reading Cosmetic Clinic, fill out the booking form or give our clinic a call on 0118 214 0801 or 07541 618 832.

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