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Anti Wrinkles Treatment Reading

According to a study reported in The Guardian, an estimated 900,000 facial injections of Botox are carried out every year in Britain*. With more people wanting to roll back the years and show off a more youthful appearance, are you considering the same? Maybe you want to stop the signs of ageing before it starts?

If you want to change your appearance in a non-invasive way such as using anti-wrinkle injections, then our team is here to help

At Reading Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a reputable, friendly and welcoming clinic where you can receive anti-winkle injections. We use Botulinum Toxin which is used across the world and helps to soften and prevents lines and wrinkles from forming.

This treatment can be used for the forehead, eyes, smoker's lines, the chin and neck. It can also be used to reduce jaw ache for those who clench or brux, and this treatment is also suitable for those who want to reduce a gummy smile by lowering the upper lip.

To learn more about this treatment and to see if it’s the right choice for you, you can request a free consultation via our website.


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