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What our clinic provides

Happiness and wellbeing are fundamentally two of the most important factors of our life. We all want to be happy and we deserve to be happy. Whether you need to make a big life decision or you want to make a change, then we encourage you to do so. 

If the change you wish to make is in regard to your appearance, then you have many options available to you here at the Reading Cosmetic Clinic. 


Our Doctor-led clinic provides 3D Lipo Body and Facial Treatments,  Dermalogica, intravenous nutrients infusion, Dermal fillers and  Botox Treatments. Our expert services can be utilised by anyone looking to improve their appearance and ensure your insecurities vanish in our clinic. 


Most people across the world have insecurities about their appearance, whether it’s their face, their body or a specific part of the body. Our aim is to offer you the service you require to ensure you can live your life without the worry of how you are being perceived. 


Body Treatments

Our 3D Lipo Body Treatments include:


  • Fat Removal

  • Skin Tightening

  • Cellulite Removal 

  • Focused Fat Removal


Facial Treatments

3D Lipo Face Treatments available include:


  • Facial Lifts, 

  • Chin Sculpting, 

  • Acne & Pigmentation treatment.


Come and meet us and see how we can help you with the assistance of the latest 3D Lipo Technology, we are confident in what we do and would love to help you. The technology we use has been engineered to meet the highest standards and are used in over 200 clinics across the UK.


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