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Excellent Laser Hair Removal

Face the summer with confidence with our laser hair removal

Do you constantly hide your arms or legs because of unwanted body hair? Are you tired of having to shave or wax a certain body part? Would you like to have smooth, hairless skin? If you want to find a permanent solution to unwanted body hair, we are here to help.

At Reading Cosmetic Clinic we introduce you to the Cynosure Elite laser

Whereas IPL’s wavelengths only reach 2mm under the skin, the Cynosure Elite laser reaches over 4mm into the epidermis, which destroys the hair follicles once and for all.

This comprehensive laser system is able to leave all surrounding skin untouched and is ideal for all skin types 1 to 6. Not only has it been proven safe and effective in various clinical studies over the years, but it is class 4 medical grade laser that is used worldwide.

What’s more, the treatment is made comfortable with its Smart Cool technology that helps to cool the skin before, during and after the treatment.

To find out more about our laser therapy or make an appointment for your free consultation, you can go through our website or by giving us a call on 0118 214 0801.

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