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Fat Removal Treatments

Updated: Jan 25

Let’s look at 3D-cavitation

When we want to lose fat, we typically think about going to the gym or changing our diet. Whilst this is the most effective way of getting healthier, sometimes it’s not enough when you want to remove those pockets of fat around your waist or hips. If you want to try out a non-invasive fat removal treatment that is renowned for targeting fat, the 3D cavitation is worth looking into.

How does it work?

By using low frequency ultrasound, it targets fat cells that aren’t able to withstand the pressure and essentially disintegrates into a liquid state. From there, the liquid is then transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the liver.

Where does it work best?

This procedure is most suitable for larger areas of fat such as the thighs, stomach and “muffin top”.

What do I need to know about the procedure?

This procedure requires up to 8 sessions in order to benefit the most out of the treatment, and you could see a loss of up to 2-4 cm per treatment. The 3-D cavitation requires no anaesthetic, no downtime and visible results from the very first treatment.

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