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Laser Hair Removal Reading

We all do things on a daily basis to help us feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s the way we dress, the way we do our make-up or the way in which we choose to present ourselves. Whilst these are all things we can control, something that many people can’t always control is unwanted body hair.

Although you may be used to waxing, shaving or simply hiding it away, there is a permanent solution that means you can stop unwanted body hair once and for all

At Reading Cosmetic Clinic our laser hair removal is incredibly popular with our patients and can be used on the face, back, chest, arms, underarms, bikini lines and legs. By using a variable pulse duration, the laser is able to leave all surrounding skin untouched and is suitable for all skin types 1 to 6. It uses Smart Cool technology which helps to cool the skin before, during and after the treatment, which helps to comfort and minimize side effects.

Currently we can offer you 40% off all face or body laser hair removal packages of x8 treatments and free consultation and test patch.

To book your free appointment, follow the steps on our website today!

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