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Laser Hair Removal Reading

Do you wish to get rid of extra body hair? Maybe you're fed up with hiding things out of fear of criticism. Perhaps you want to come up with long-lasting results?

Be one of the many who trust in our laser hair removal

Reading Cosmetic Clinic is proud to use the Cynosure Elite laser. This comprehensive laser system can leave all surrounding skin unaffected and is suitable for all skin types 1 to 6. Not only has it been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies over the years, but it is also a class 4 medical grade laser that is used all over the world.

How does the Cynosure laser work?

  • The treatment area needs to be clean-shaven before to the procedure

  • The provider will guide the laser hand piece over the area being treated

  • The hand piece emits beams of laser energy, which is then absorbed by the hair follicles and converted to heat

  • This heat disables the hair follicle from future growth

Even better, the treatment is made more comfortable by Smart Cool technology, which is designed to cool the skin before, during, and after the treatment.

To discover out more about our laser therapy or make an appointment for your free consultation, you can go through our website or by giving us a call on 0118 214 0801.

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