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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Berkshire

Consider our laser hair removal when looking at our non surgical cosmetic procedures in Berkshire

Are you looking to target unwanted body hair? Do you want to save time getting ready and ditch the razors? Maybe you have unwanted facial hair that is causing you distress? If you’re tired of managing your unwanted body hair and want to find a permanent solution, we can transform your confidence with our laser hair removal.

Perfect for treating the chest, back, arms, bikini area and legs, our laser hair treatment can be used on light to dark skin and will need to be performed at various stages as the hair regrows.

Not only does this treatment require no needles or anaesthetic, but it can give you quick results that make the world of difference. What’s more, thanks to the Smart Cool laser, it cools the skin before, during and after so you’re comfortable during the treatment.

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So, whether you’re interested in this or any other non-invasive treatment, you can book a consultation today. Just follow our online booking form or call our friendly team on 0118 214 0801 to arrange a consultation at a suitable time.

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