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Laser Hair Removal Reading

Would you like to stop worrying about shaving or waxing regularly? Do you feel embarrassed about unwanted body hair on your arms, legs, back, face or bikini area? Maybe you want to invest in a long term solution for hair removal?

At Reading Cosmetic Clinic, we are proud to use the Cynosure Elite laser which is the most comprehensive laser system available.

How does it work?

The Cynosure Elite laser penetrates the epidermis over 4mm deep, whereas the wavelengths of IPL only go 2mm under the skin, permanently destroying the hair follicles.

It is suitable for skin types 1 to 6, uses variable pulse duration, and harms the surrounding skin in no way. This laser is a class 4 medical grade laser that is not only FDA-approved and widely utilised.

Thanks to the Smart Cool technology, which helps to cool the skin before, during, and after the laser treatment, this laser procedure also provides a painless experience.

Get in contact with us right away if you want to proceed with a procedure like our laser hair removal in Reading. Call us at 0118 214 0801, and one of the team members will be pleased to assist you. Or, you can use the website to obtain a free consultation.

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